Born in Bendigo, Victoria, Bernadette grew up surrounded by local bushland filled with an abundance of beautiful Australian flora and fauna. She was influenced by the rural setting of surrounding farmlands, the unique setting of gold mine poppet heads, mullock heaps, the many historic buildings in the area, and the beautiful Bendigo Cathedral.

In the early 1980’s she studied in Bendigo under the expertise & guidance of Jeanette Schultz. She worked with Schultz for several years and learned the art of China Painting.

In the 1990's, Bernadette and her family moved to Brisbane, where she fell in love with the beaches, palm trees and city life. It was a dramatic change from what she was used to.

Through the freedom of acrylic paint and large canvases, Bernadette uses her love of painting and colour to represent Australian scenes, along with a variety of other subjects..

Bernadette with   Australian Wildflowers .

Bernadette with Australian Wildflowers.